Noah´s Digital Ark by CBT

The goal for our academy  is to find talent beyond the digital skills gap. We strive to inspire as many people as possible to back up and share our mission; The project "CBT´s Digital Noah Arkis a wake up call for the need to protect all the humans lacking digital skills from unemployment in the industry 4.0 age while robots have already started to replace humans in several jobs. 

Our Academy is not only about train talent with IT skills but to match greta talento with geat jobs with a human touch . Our strategy is to inspire creative people to join our team as Global Matchers (the job is 2match talent with digital jobs), who will then help the ones who need our expertize to access the digital labour market as skilled professionals. 

Why comparing humans lacking digital skills as castaways? 
- Digital Skills in the 4,0 revolution age (now!) Are used as life-savers by the ones who have them (digital geeks!) to survive the biblical flood. 
- The cloud is full and data is dropping everywhere sinking everyone who is not able to swim in the internet of things. 

Our project is 
To save those who lack such floaters (low skilled, unemployed, career blocked, women in ICT and diversity groups) by bulding a Digital Ark that enables these "castways" to have a safe por while we help them to build tailor-made floaters that fit everyone´s needs.

How to Save These "Digital Castaways"

Using our robust recruitment know how, our customers portfolio who keep demanding software developers across Europe and our technical partners able to train developers "from scratch" in 45 days.

 Our digital ark is a digital platform that will be able to connect global companies that require software developers, programmers who can teach code and "castaways" who we can promote to Talent Acquisition Leaders from companies highlighting their soft skills and ability to learn.   
 Our project strives to inspire specific five target groups of "fragile" profiles ("the castaways") to trust their abilities to be successful in the digital labour market. By engaging them to our digital platform we are able to match their soft and hard skills with real digital market needs.

You might still believe in the urban myth that only engineers can work as software engineers. LOL :)

Nowadays there are 12 years´ old kids who learn to program at home and have better coding skills (i.e ability to write computer language) than (obsolete?) senior managers working in the digital field.

Welcome to Geekland

"Malcom Gladwell, popularized the use of “outlier” to describe exceptional people such as Bill Gates who achieved enormous success. Gladwell argues that 10,000 hours of practice, timing, and societal factors beyond one’s control are more important than inborn talent in determining who will become an outlier."

 One can question if Malcom Gladwell is right but no one can question the following quote from Bill Gates who once said: "Be kind to geeks because one day you will work for one!"
 He was 100% right; Geeks are shaping our life and more than ever ruling the world. So what is a geek? 

According to some authors a geek is "a bright young man turned inward, poorly socialized, who felt so little kinship with his own planet that he routinely traveled to the ones invented by his favorite authors, who thought of that secret, dreamy place his computer took him to as cyberspace—somewhere exciting, a place more real than his own life, a land he could conquer, not a drab teenager's room in his parents' house.There are many categories of geeks, such as: science geeks, math geeks, computer geeks, hi gaming geeks i.e a geek is often related to a a software or hardware engineer."

How vast is the flood and how urgent do we need to Act?



 - By 2020 all industries will be digitalised promoting full employability in the information technology sector.

- By 2020 there will be a surplus of 94 million low skilled workers not fitting the digital labor market

- By 2020 85 million jobs will be vacant due to the lack of ICT skilled professionals.

- Today 1 million jobs are already vacant in Europe due to the lack of ICT skilled professionals.

- Today employees with digital skills can choose their job and demand salaries 40% above average

In which stage is the Ark at the moment?

Having worked two decades for international recruitment companies across the globe I have realised the lack of cross border success in matching great talent with great jobs. We have fixed that weakness.

 Additionally I am a strong believer that half of the 1 million vacant  jobs (related to basic coding) can be filled with Talent without an university degree instead with great soft skills and tailor made online coding training.

 The key is to have deep knowledge about the recruitment needs and the candidate´s (Z, Millennial, X, Boomer) career expectations. We have such knowledge and companies and candidates trust our expertise.

Executive Agency for SMEs from European Commission proudly tweeting about our company.

 I did not wake up today and decided that building a digital Ark is a cool idea and a great business opportunity... CB Talents Academy is the consequence of almost 2 decades of hard work in shaping the world of work. 

Commissioner Gunther Oettinger at CBT´s boot in CEBIT Hannover 2016, reinforcing the interest of the European Commission In CB Talents Academy.

We almost got all our funded needs covered on the last 2016 cut off from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 where our Noah´s Ark (Our Academy) received a seal of excellence (image below) from the European Commission, which qualifies our project as "a high quality proposal submitted to the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, which passed the quality threshold but could not be funded due to budget constraints.". 

This is why we need your support to spread out our message!
 The seal of excellence grants serious value to CBT and reinforce our strategy to keep on connecting and up-skilling great candidates with great companies but we still in a need of Funds to keep our Digital Noah´s Ark floating in her mission to save more digital outcasts.


Why Join Us?

In current digital times all humans without digital skills are endangered. 
 The project "Digital Noah´s Ark´s" is a wake up call for the need to protect all the low skilled humans on the planet from unemployment in the industry 4.0 age when robots have already started to replace humans in several jobs.


I have a dream.... recruit low skilled candidates, up-skill them with the most required digital skills in the European market and employ them in great jobs across Europe...
 ...and then my financial controller advised me to go back to work otherwise my family and me would starve to death.

 Dreams are expensive to turn them real but I keep on making them reality step by step.
 My vision is to recruit, train and employ 500,000 programmers contributing to improve digital literacy and employment across Europe.

 To achieve such target (not a dream anymore) I am spending the rest of my life on this crusade and inviting everyone to join me. This campaign is an important part of the crusade.

 We offer:
1. Our Recruitment and Training Process know how (> 15 years of experience) => priceless
2. Taylormade ICT platform to connect customers,Talents and Training Partners;
3. Global Recruiters from Cross Border Talents (staff); 
4. Business Developers from CB Talents Academy (staff);